5 Tips To Keep You Safe When Driving Over Christmas

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'Tis the season to be jolly... The festive period for many usually means eating, drinking and being merry. If you're a driver then you will more than likely be travelling on our busy roads visiting friends and family which usually involves driving to and from different places.

This Christmas, we want you all to be safe on roads, not just in Blackpool but wherever you plan on driving to.

We've put together some advice for you consider before you get behind the wheel of your car.

1. Don't drink and drive

Remember even ONE alcoholic drink can impair your driving – don’t drink and drive. Make sure you have a designated driver with you or an alternative way of getting home, either by taxi or getting a lift from a friend.

2. Check the weather conditions before you travel

Snowy or icy conditions can make driving a challenge for motorists and could even lead to an accident or death. It's paramount to prepare yourself before embarking on a journey in the snow or ice. It's worth knowing how to prepare yourself and your car before you travel. Getting your car regularly serviced and using winter tyres is good practice for driving in the winter. Check your tyres. Make sure they’re inflated to the correct pressure, bearing in mind that you might be carrying more passengers than usual. Check bulbs, wipers and fluid levels, such as anti-freeze before you travel. In case of a breakdown it might be worth bringing a hot drink in a flask and a blanket to keep you warm.

3. Avoid distractions when driving

Christmas is a busy time of year for most of us, often our friends and family will be trying to call or text us during this period to make plans. If you're driving then its best you turn your phone off or put it on silent when driving. If you do need to make a call or text make sure you pull over in a safe place and turn your engine off before picking up your mobile phone.

4. Driving the next day after a Christmas party

Although we've covered drink driving above, I feel it's important to add this point to the list as its something that people easily tend to forget.
No doubt your work or friends will have arranged a party leading up to Christmas if your drinking alcohol and you plan on driving the next day make sure you don't drink too much. It's best you don't drive at all the next day, especially if you plan on getting absolutely tanked at your party. While far fewer people are taking the risk of drink driving at night, more people are getting into their cars in the morning. Many without realising they could still be over the legal limit to drive. If you're unsure if your safe to drive the next day then visit: DRINK AWARE who provide details on alcohol units and very useful information on drink driving.

5. Don't drive if you're tired

If you’ve got a busy social schedule over the Christmas season, the chances are Christmas will be a time of year filled with late nights and early mornings as you attempt to fit everything in. If you’ve got some long car journeys to do too, there’s a risk that you could find yourself driving while tired. Don't risk it! make sure your fully awake and alert before driving. If you do feel tired whilst driving then make you stop of at safe place and take a break from driving until you feel alert again.

We at Golden Mile Driving School wish you all the best for Christmas and New year, Stay safe and drive responsibly. Have patience on the roads over this busy period and look out for one another.

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