Driving lessons Blackpool - Getting started

Driving lessons Blackpool - Getting started


If you're thinking of learning to drive in Blackpool the you must decide what learning route you wish to take. There is a few options to consider:

1. Taking weekly driving lessons with a driving instructor

2. Booking an intensive driving course

3. Learning with a family member/ or friend

4. Learning with a family member alongside professional instruction with an instructor


Apply for Provisional Licence

In oder to start your driving you will need a provisional licence. Your driving instructor will ask to see this before you do any driving – they will not be able to teach you if you have not got your provisional licence. You can apply for this licence up to three months before your 17th birthday, but be aware that it could take a while to arrive. We advise you waiting until your licence arrives before booking any driving lessons. Apply for provisional licence here 


Passing the Theory Test


Passing the theory test can be done before starting your driving lessons or whilst taking lessons. For an intensive course you must pass your theory test before you start one of our courses. It's really important you spend time studying for the theory test. We recommend buying a copy of the Highway Code. However, The advantage of taking driving lessons with us is we will provide free unlimited access to Theory test Pro, this will save you money.


Choosing a Driving School in Blackpool

A Google search will reveal may driving schools in Blackpool, it can be quite overwhelming trying to choose. We advise you read the customer reviews, speak to your friends and see who they recommend. Remember the cheapest isn't always the best option. The average rate for driving lessons in Blackpool is currently £26 per hour, if your offered lessons significantly cheaper than this then do your research on the driving school. Ask the driving school if you will be supplied with a fully qualified driving instructor and don't be afraid to ask what grade the driving instructor is. (Grade A is the highest)

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Your first Driving Lesson in Blackpool

The start of your driving test journey will feature a sight test, where you will need to correctly read a car’s registration plate from 20 metres away. If you need glasses to drive, make sure you take these with you in your lessons. If you fail the eyesight check then the instructor will refuse to let you drive.

We usually let most learners drive the car on their first driving lesson. Depending on your experience we will usually take you to a quiet area and show you the main controls of the car and how and why we use them. Once you have an understanding of the basic controls you will be shown how to move off and pull over safely. Once you are driving, you will be asked to perform the same turns and manoeuvres multiple times so your instructor can teach you the best way to drive and to handle the situations you may face.

A common question we get asked on the first lesson is "What if I crash the car?"

This is very unlikely, but we understand why you might have this concern as learning to drive can be very daunting for most people. Firstly, you'll be sat in a dual controlled car - your instructor will have a brake pedal and a clutch pedal so in the unlikely event of a crash your instructor will definitely intervene and take control. Also, try and remember that your driving instructor teaching you is a professional driver and tutor with many years experience. You're in the best possible hands!

Tips before your first driving lesson

Before your first lesson, it is recommended to familiarise yourself with a car’s basic controls. YouTube has many videos on basic controls of the car. Next time your friend or family member is driving ask them lots of questions about what they are doing. Try not to distract them though. Get enough rest the night before and try not to exert yourself just before your lesson. Try not to worry about the lesson, most learner say they love the first lesson.

This is an exciting time in your life as you're about to embark on your journey on passing your driving test. We are confident you will love it!

Learning to drive takes lots of practice, so it is important you prepare yourself to be patient and feel bad about yourself if you find areas of learning to drive quite difficult. Your driving instructor will be your guide and help you as much as possible, they will make your lessons fun and informative using advanced teaching methods that will soon have you passing your driving test in Blackpool!

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Buying Your First Car After You Pass Your Driving Test

Buying Your First Car After You Pass Your Driving Test

buying first car in Blackpool


Once you've passed your driving test you'll more than likely be in a position to start looking to buy your first car. Many learner drivers are unsure of what to look out for when buying a car, the whole process can be rather overwhelming. Our driving instructors frequently get asked for guidance on this matter. You’ll come faced with many decisions, so let us help you navigate around the potential pitfalls.

The first thing you need to decide is: Are you buying a brand new car or a used car? A popular choice is to buy second hand car that is one or two years old, as they are considerably cheaper than buying brand new.


Special Offers at Blackpool Car Dealerships for New Drivers

There are many car dealerships in Blackpool that offer great deals on used cars. Buying from a car dealership has is benefits:

Pros of buying through a dealer:

  • A car that has been purchased from a dealership is likely to have a Warranty
  • Your consumer rights are stronger than if you buy privately.
  • Car finance options are usually available, including hire purchase (HP) and personal contract payment (PCP)

Here's a list of car dealerships in Blackpool that have been known to have a good reputation




Searching Online Websites For Your First Car



Ever growing in popularity online used car websites are a great way to find a car. These virtual lots allow you to swap the visit to a showroom to browsing at your own pace. These websites still provide all the necessary information regarding each car’s condition and history.

AUTOTRADER is probably the most popular, In the search function simply enter the vehicle make and model, your budget, vehicle age, mileage etc and the search engine will do all the work. The good thing about using websites like AutoTrader is not only can your search for private sellers but many car dealers also advertise their stock on these websites

. Another popular choice for Private seller and dealers is eBay the advantage of using eBay is you may be able to get a great deal, particularly if the item is being sold as an auction listing.


Buying a car from a Private Seller

haggling car price


Buying private has its advantages as you're likely to pay less than you would if you purchased the same car from a car dealership. The seller may be in a hurry to sell the car so this puts you in a great position to haggle yourself to a great deal.

However, this is where you need to take extra caution, It's an exciting time buying you first car, and if you've recently just passed your driving test then you're probably really eager to get behind the wheel, all this excitement may cloud your judgment. The car could potentially be badly damaged, stolen or illegally altered. We strongly advise you follow these tips to help protect yourself when buying a car privately:


1. Check the car’s details with the DVLA

Ask the seller for the car’s:

  • Registration Number (on the number plate)
  • MOT test number
  • Mileage
  • Ask to see the Log Book (V5)


This will tell you if the car is taxed and MOT'd. You can also use this information to match up with the sellers information.


2. Get a history check (HPI CHECK)

This will give you valuable information about any serious problems the car might have.

It will tell you if:

  • the car has been reported stolen
  • There is any outstanding finance on the car
  • The mileage on the car
  • Number plate changes
  • Information on paint or color changes
  • The car has been written off or been in a serious accident.

The cost of a history check varies from website to website but prices usually start from around £15.00. THE AA is the one we generally use.


3. Make sure you view the car in person


Tempting as it may be, try not to make a purchase on a car without seeing it in person first. The seller may have lots of fancy photographs but these may have been photo shopped to hide imperfections. Inspect the car in daylight and if you can take a friend or family member with you (ideally someone who knows about cars) this will be to your advantage. Make sure you inspect the wear on the tyres, under the bonnet to check fluid levels are all topped up. Look for any dents or scratches. Look for rust spots, as these may become problematic further down the line. Ask the seller if they aware of any issues with the car and try and get as much detail as possible.


4. Take it for a test drive


Firstly, make sure you're insured to do so before test driving the car, as you could risk losing your driving licence before you've even bought your first car!

Whilst test driving the car, check that the steering feels responsive. Listen for any knocks and squeaks. Check the footbrake doesn't feel slack or spongy. Check the gears shift smoothly. It's also worth checking all the ancillary controls are working, such as Air Conditioning, window heaters, brake lights and headlights.


5. Haggle on price


Don't be afraid to haggle on price if you find any imperfections with the car. Remember, the seller has probably listed the cars selling price for much more than they will happily accept.


6. Payment


Most private sellers prefer cash or bank transfer. Consider that there are no extra fees or interest and sometimes you can get a discount for paying cash. However, if something goes wrong with the car you won’t have the protection that some credit arrangements offer. Before you pay for the car make sure you have the V5 and the recent MOT certificate. You and the seller will have to complete and sign a section of the V5. It's always a good idea to ask the seller to give you a receipt for the purchase.


7. Insurance and Tax


So you completed the deal and you now own your first car. Before you drive the car away make sure you get insured and the car is also taxed. This can usually be done via telephone with an insurance company. You may also need to tax the vehicle, then can be done on the DVLA website with the appropriate information on your V5. If youve already taken a Pass Plus Course with your driving instructor make sure you inform your insurance company as this may reduce your insurance quote.


Award Winning Driving School in Blackpool

Award Winning Driving School in Blackpool

best rated driving school blackpool                              

Golden Mile Driving School are delighted to announce that our driving school based in Blackpool has won the "Excellence Award 2018 & 2019" by one of the UK's leading review websites.

The accolade for 'Top Rated Driving School in Blackpool' has been hand-picked along with two other driving schools in the Blackpool area. The award is based on an in-depth 50 point inspection which includes; local reviews, history, trading standards, customer ratings, satisfaction, trust, price and general excellence.


Paul Hornby, Managing Director of Golden Mile Driving School says:

"Over the past 10 years our driving school has gone from strength to strength and I'm super proud of the team of driving instructors for all their hard work and dedication.  It’s fantastic that we’ve now won an award as one of the Top Three Rated Driving School's in Blackpool. We've helped so many students pass their driving test in Blackpool, we try our best to encourage fun and exciting learning, and most of our customers highly recommend us to friends and family. The whole team is thrilled to be recognised for their hard work over the past years."


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Booking driving lessons in Blackpool


Our professional FULLY QUALIFIED driving instructors are all Driving Standards Agency approved and are highly experienced. We are renowned for our friendly, and patient driving tuition.

We are 100% dedicated to providing you with the reassurance and knowledge you will need to make you a safe and confident driver.

To book your driving lessons with our AWARD WINNING driving school in Blackpool then you can call or text Paul on 07800977801

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How To Book Your Driving Test In Blackpool

How to book Your Driving Test in Blackpool?

If you're looking to book your driving test in Blackpool then it is best to ensure you are at test standard before booking. The best way to go about this is to have driving lessons in Blackpool with a Approved Driving Instructor.

The practical driving test is designed to see if:

  • You can drive safely on different road layouts and in different traffic conditions
  • You fully know the Highway Code and can show this through your driving ability and theory test

As long as you show the standard required, you will pass your driving test first time.

There is no minimum number of lessons you must have or hours you must practice driving before you take your driving test. There are no pass or fail quotas. However having professional driving lessons will greatly improve your chances of passing the driving test in Blackpool.

IMPORTANT: You will need to have passed your driving theory test before taking your driving practical test.

You must have a provisional driving licence and usually have passed your theory test before booking.

You will need your:

(1) Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional driving licence number

(2) Credit or debit card

OPTIONAL : You don’t need your driving instructor’s personal reference number but, if you have it, you can use it to check their availability.


DVSA Booking Details

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 0300 200 11 22

Monday to Friday, 8am to mid-day.


How to book an early Blackpool driving test?


If you're looking for a last minute or early test date then our Blackpool Driving Instructors can book an early driving test in Blackpool for you, usually within 4-12 days. This service may be useful for those who may have recently failed their driving test for a few simple errors, or maybe nerves got the better of you, and you feel you can easily do much better next time round. We can try and make an early test booking for you with one of our test vehicles at Blackpool Driving Test Centre.

You will be required to book a minimum of 10 hours with our Blackpool driving school before we allow you use the test vehicle for the driving test. This is simply to ensure that you are at driving test standard, to get you accustomed to the vehicle and for you and your driving instructor to improve on your quality of driving. If you're not familiar with the driving test routes then it's also beneficial to spend some time of these routes so you feel much more confident when it comes to taking your driving test.

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Blackpool Driving Test Prices

Practical Driving Test Exam


Theory Test Exam


Practical Test Saturday and Weekday Evenings


Extended Test Weekday after disqualification


Extended Test Saturday / Weekday Evenings after disqualification



DVSA Driving Test Centre Blackpool

Government Buildings
Warbreck Hill Road

Special Offer For a Block Of 10 Hours 

Get your first block of 10 driving lessons in Blackpool for only £198.00*

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* Offer valid for in-experienced learners with 0-2 hours previous driving experience.

CALL US TODAY 07800977801 / 01235465938

Assessment driving lessons in Blackpool

Assessment driving lessons in Blackpool


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Here at Golden Mile Driving School we don't just teach students with no driving experience we also get many students asking us for a driving assessment lesson. There could be many reasons for this, such as the learner driver may be thinking of completing a driving crash course and would like to know which driving course would be best suited to them, or it could be a learner driver who is currently with another driving school and feels that they are not making progress and would like a second opinion. We've had many foreign students come to us who have driven in a different country before and feel a little out of practice on the UK roads so they come to us to assess their level of driving and we can offer help, advice and strategies to help brush up their current driving standard.

What will happen on my first driving lesson?

You will be carefully assigned your driving instructor by our office team. We will discuss your needs and carefully select an instructor that we feel is best suited to your current skills. Our driving lessons are designed to allow both you and your driving instructor to get to know one another, its vital that you feel comfortable with your instructor, but don't worry, all of our instructors are really friendly and polite. When you first meet your driving instructor they will take some details from you regarding your past driving experience.

How will my driving be assessed?

After the instructor has taken all the relevant information from you regarding your previous experience, your instructor will personally tailor a lesson plan so that he or she can see how your driving skills are. We use many marking systems, fault analysis and coaching techniques all proven to help the learner progress. We won't have you driving around aimlessly as that serves no purpose. A few examples of what your instructor w be looking at are:

Effective use of mirrors

Basic control of the car. gears, foot pedals, steering etc

Hazard awareness

Anticipation and planning

We all learn differently, not everyone is the same. We understand this and our instructors are highly trained to adapt their driving tuition skills to match your current driving level.

Before the assessment lesson begins, you may be asked some questions. These could include:

  • How many driving lessons have you had in total?

  • When was the last time you drove a car?

  • Can you drive any other vehicles, such as motorbike?

  • What manoeuvres/driving skills have you practised?

  • What areas of your driving do you feel least confident?

  • Have you started studying for your theory test?

The specific wording of the questions may change, but the general theme should be the same. Our aim as a driving school is teach you safe driving for life. Our instructors will want to know as much as possible about your driving history, this in turn will prevent wasted hours on topics that you may not need.

What things should I ask my driving instructor?

As we mentioned earlier, You need to make sure you’re comfortable with your driving instructor. Being able to understand their instructions and building a good rapport is important. You’re paying for the driving lessons, so please don’t be afraid to ask about your instructor’s ability to teach you.

Some basic questions you want to ask before you choose your driving instructor in Blackpool:

  • What is your pass rate?

  • What is your lesson plan for my driving lesson?

  • Are you a fully qualified driving instructor or a trainee?

  • How long have you been a driving instructor?

  • What GRADE driving instructor are you? (GRADE A is highest, Grade B is lowest)

Remember to ask these questions before you part with your money, if you don't feel comfortable then it's probably best that your find another driving school. A good driving instructor should always be honest, polite, calm and fully prepared for your lesson. They should be asking you lots of questions about driving and also be encouraging. We highly recommend you look for reviews and ratings to see what others have to say about the driving school.