Is it hard to pass your driving test first time?

Passing your driving test in Blackpool is a great feeling. All those hours you've put into studying for the theory test and practical driving lessons has finally paid off. There's no better feeling! Your independence is here and your free to hit the road.

The question we frequently get asked is "Is it hard to pass your driving test first time?" Well, it all depends on you and how well your driving instructor has prepared you for the driving test. Nerves may play a part and there is many things you can do to help ease the nerves but f your driving is not up to standard then your very likely to fail! So it's important that you and your instructor feel confident in your ability.

Are driving mock tests helpful?

We often carry out mock test with our learner drivers so give them a feel of what its like to be in a test situation. Many learner drivers say they benefit from doing a mock test and it gives a pretty could reflection of their driving ability.

Should I learn the Blackpool driving test routes?

It's not a pre-requisite, but you may find it helpful if you know the areas the driving examiner will take you on. We often perform our driving lessons in Blackpool, Bispham, Cleveleys, Thornton and surrounding areas on the Fylde coast, many of which are on the test route anyway so you should have a good idea of the area when you do your practical driving test in Blackpool.


This week our Blackpool driving instructor (Andrea) has had 3 first time passes this week, here's what our learner drivers had to say about taking their driving lessons with our Blackpool driving school:

Hannan Harrack, Blackpool

Thank you to Andrea Hoyle who was patient and helpful throughout my driving lessons. I couldn't be happier that ive passed my driving test


Lauren Thornborough, Blackpool

Passed first one with only two driving faults, absolutely over the moon and I couldn’t have done it if it weren’t for Andrea providing me with the confidence I need to pass my test! Highly recommended!


blackpool driving instructors

Christine Armstrong, Blackpool

Thank you so much! Brilliant driving instructor


This weeks 5 star review for our driving school Blackpool

This weeks 5 star review for our driving school Blackpool

We love it when our students pass their driving test, being with a student from a complete novice and seeing their driving skills progress , then finally being there when they pass their driving test is a great feeling for a driving instructor. I wanted to highlight this particular review from our learner driver (Pam) as it really made us feel proud when Pam passed her test. Pam had been with 2 previous driving schools in Blackpool and felt that her tuition with these particular schools wasn't up to standard. I'm not going to publish what driving school in Blackpool it was but let's just say that it's not the first complaint we have heard about them! Anyway, we had a lot of work to do with Pam to get her driving up to test standard and to help her gain confidence behind the wheel again. As a team we helped Pam achieve her goal and she passed with only 4 driver faults. Happy days! 

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Pam, Blackpool

I’ve just passed my driving test today and I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it without John & Paul’s they’re a knowledgeable, kind, patient, supportive and experienced instructor. I was a nervous learner, with Paul’s & John help, I built up confidence over time. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons They helped me get rid of decades of bad habits at driving and become a safe driver. highly recommended to Golden Mile Driving School. heighten massive thank you both


Cheap driving lessons in Blackpool

It may be tempting to look for the cheapest deal about, but please take care when choosing a driving school as you may find that you will end up paying more in the long run. We have seen some CRAZY deals for driving lessons i.e 6 lessons for £40. Seriously, do your research before you are tempted to snatch up such a deal as there is usually a catch to such deals like this. When it comes to choosing a driving school in Blackpool we advise that you read reviews and speak to your friends as this often gives a true reflection of the driving schools ability.

Are driving lesson deals a bad thing?

No not at all. We offer deals for driving lessons in Blackpool and the reason we do is because we know everyone loves a great deal. Our school is busy enough and we don't have to offer a discount but as customer care is our number one priority, we feel that giving a leaner a introductory discount paves way for a great start to customer satisfaction. Not only that, but it allows the learner driver to try us and see before committing.



Top 5 Things to Ask Your Driving Instructor

Top 5 Things To Ask Your Driving Instructor 

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A wise thing to do before booking lessons with a driving school in Blackpool is to research the driving schools in the local area. Blackpool has many driving schools and choosing the one that suits your needs can be quite a challenge. One important factor to look into is the driving lesson reviews, take the time to read reviews on Google and Facebook as these will give you an idea of what the driving school is like. Be wary of driving schools with no customer reviews or lots of negative reviews. 

The right driving instructor can make the process of learning to drive simple, stress-free and fun, they will give you the best chance of passing your driving test on the first attempt.

When selecting a driving instructor, be sure to ask these five important questions.

This will help you get the best instructor for your learning needs, and help improve your chances of getting a first time pass.

1. Will my driving instructor be fully qualified?

Some driving schools use trainee driving instructors. Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing as there are some very good trainee instructors . However, its important you ask if you're driving instructor is fully qualified or a trainee. You may be able to haggle the price down if the driving school is offering you a trainee driving instructor. Currently our driving school in Blackpool only uses fully qualified Driving Instructors.

2. Do you recommend regular lessons or a crash course?

Some driving instructors only do crash courses, some prefer to do weekly lessons and some do both. How you learn to drive is up to you, but make sure your instructor chooses a learning schedule that suits your individual needs.

3. How many hours will it take me to pass?

This is a very common question we get asked. It's important to understand that every person is different. Just because your friend may have passed their driving test in 25 hours doesn't necessarily mean you will. You don’t want an instructor who will rush you through the process, but you also don’t want them to keep taking your hard-earned money and make slow progress. The DVSA estimates that you will need between 30-45 hours of driving tuition to be ready for your test, so use this as a guide when asking.

4. Do you offer Pass Plus Course?

Pass Plus is an advanced course for new drivers who want to improve their skills after they have passed their test. The course includes motorway driving, night driving, rural driving (country roads) and many other elements that the standard driving test does not usually cover. On completion of the course the driver will often get discount on insurance. We advise you ask if your instructor offers this additional course, and take it up if it's available.

5. Are your instructors patient and friendly?

Imagine learning to drive and your driving instructor has a bad attitude and is always shouting at you. Do you think this would help you with your learning? No, it's more likely to make you feel terrible and want to give up. As a rule all driving instructors should be patient and friendly but we've heard some horror stories from pupils who have said that their previous instructor often yelled at them when they made a mistake. If this is happening with your driving instructor now, then we suggest you swiftly leave and find another driving school. The best thing to do is read the customer reviews on the driving school - this will give you an indication of what the driving instructors are like.


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New Changes to the Theory Test

New Changes to the Theory Test to be introduced

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have announced that they will be making changes to the current Theory Test questions to make them more accessible to everyone.  

The DVSA have teamed up with the British Dyslexia Association, the British Deaf Association and various other associations to make the test more accessible for candidates.

These new changes will be introduced on 1 May 2018 and will be in 'plainer' English.  

The DVSA are changing the wording of the questions so that the candidate has to pick a statement to answer the question instead, which will make it easier for some candidates to understand.

An example of how the wording has changed is:

If you use a hands-free phone while you’re driving it’s likely that it will

  • increase your safety
  • increase your concentration
  • increase your awareness
  • decrease your concentration

If you use a hands-free phone while you’re driving what’s likely to happen?

  • It will make you safer
  • It will be easier for you to concentrate
  • It will make you more aware
  • It will be harder for you to concentrate


Making the Theory Test easier to understand 

They have replaced words such as ‘increased’ and ‘decreased’ with simpler words such as bigger, smaller, longer, shorter. They have also removed or replaced longer words or phrases like ‘consumption’, ‘Vehicle Excise Duty’ or ‘medication’ with simpler words.

DVSA has also rephrased questions that contain negative language, to help candidates to understand the questions better. For example, ‘When should you NOT…?’ has been changed to ‘When should you…?’

DVSA trailed these revised questions with over 7,000 candidates to check whether they were easier to understand. Where the results of this trial showed a clear improvement or no significant difference, DVSA has replaced the question. Following the trial, 78 of the 88 revised questions have been used.


Theory Test Practice Software 

All our learner drivers who take driving lessons in Blackpool with our driving school get free unlimited access to Theory Test Pro. Access to the software is 100% free (we pay the subscription for you) 99% of our learners would agree that using this software has greatly improved their chances of passing their theory test on the first attempt. Talk to your driving instructor at Golden Mile Driving School about gaining access to our software. 

Learner drivers allowed on motorways from 4th June 2018

Learner drivers allowed on motorways from 4th June 2018

Blackpool Motorway Driving Lessons

From Monday 4th June 2018, learner drivers will be able to take driving lessons on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales.

This will help to make sure more drivers know how to use motorways safely.

Currently, you can only have motorway driving lessons after you’ve passed your practical driving test.

At the moment, people who have passed their driving test can take lessons through the voluntary Pass Plus scheme.

How the new motorway driving lessons will work

Learner drivers will need to be:

Any motorways lessons will be voluntary. It will be up to the driving instructor to decide when the learner driver is competent enough for them.

Driving instructors and examiners will be updated about he changes and the changes to the highway code will be added. 

Will you have to do motorway lessons with your driving school?

It's not compulsory but these new changes can help you overcome your fear of motorways, or any concerns you may have. Our Blackpool Driving School will be positively implementing this new change as we feel our learner drivers will hugely benefit from it. However, if you feel you would rather not take a motorway lesson then we will respect your wishes. 

What motorway will you take driving lessons on?

As our driving school is based in Blackpool we are fairly close to the M55 motorway, your driving instructor will start you off there. If you and your instructor feel like taking things further then you can drive on the M6 North or Southbound, or anywhere you fancy....ROAD TRIP! :)

What speed can I go on a motorway?

The speed limit on a motorway is 70mph. Before we take you on a motorway, our driving school will ensure that you've first practiced dual carriageways/country roads so you are used to driving at faster speeds.

Please Note:

Until the law changes on 4th June 2018 it’s still illegal for a learner driver to drive on a motorway.

Book driving Lessons Blackpool 

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