Vaping motorists could lose their licence and face prosecution

Vaping motorists could lose their licence and face prosecution 

vaping and driving law

Vaping seems to be the latest trend these days, evidence proves that it's a far healthier way of getting your nicotine fix and many have dumped the cigarettes in favour of vaping.

Recently the Police have warned that vaping motorists could lose their licence and face prosecution if they use e-cigarette at the wheel.

Although vaping while driving isn't illegal it is up to the discretion of police officers to determine what they deem as a potentially dangerous and distracting handheld electronic device.

Police officers have said that drivers using e-cigarettes risk obscuring their vision with big clouds of vapour. Some e-cigarettes emit so much vapour that the person in charge of a vehicle could be momentarily blinded and your chances of having a crash is increased.

From a driving instructors point of view

We agree with the Police, there are some e-cigarettes on the market that emit huge amounts of vape clouds which could in fact restrict your vision when driving. Even if it's just for a few seconds - this could be enough to put a person's life in danger.

There is also the other factor of having control of the steering wheel, many vaping devices can be quite large and bulky and drivers are holding these devices while driving. We've seen people drop them into the car foot-well and go search for them whilst trying to drive, this in itself is dangerous as you are not paying full attention to the road ahead.

Driving without due care and attention 

Those deemed to be distracted by e-cigarettes could be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention, the penalty of which can be disqualification, three to nine points on your licence, or a fine of up to £2,500.

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Blackpool Driving Test Centre

Blackpool Driving Test Centre

We have gathered information for Blackpool Driving Test Centre. with contact details for the test centre, driving test booking details and help with passing the driving test in Blackpool.

Blackpool Driving Test Centre Address

Government Buildings
Warbreck Hill Road

Driving tests offered : Car, Motorcycle, eyesight test  and standards check test.

Taking your driving test in Blackpool

Blackpool Driving Test Centre is situated in Bispham which in in the Borough of Blackpool and Fylde. The driving test routes may also cover other surrounding areas of Blackpool including, Thornton, Fleetwood, Norcross, Blackpool North, Cleveleys and Staining.

Each test route is different and may consist of Country roads, residential areas, dual carriageways, tight roads and car parks.

Test Times at Blackpool Test Centre

Monday - Friday (sometimes weekends - during busy periods )








Driving tests may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. The current test fee for standard L test (Car)  is £62.00.

How to book your driving test in Blackpool

If you live in Blackpool or any other areas around Blackpool such as  Bispham, North Shore, South Shore, Fleetwood, Thornton, Cleveleys and any other surrounding then your best bet is to book your driving test online. We find this is the quickest and easiest way to book your driving test in Blackpool as the online system will give you options of what dates are available for the driving tests in the area.


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New Driving Test Success in Blackpool

New Driving Test Success in Blackpool 

driving school blackpool pass test driving instructors in blackpool

This week the new practical driving test began. The new test was due to start on December 4th 2017 but the examiners at Blackpool Driving Test Centre and other test centres in the UK went on strike for two days leaving many learner drivers having to reschedule their driving tests. 

On Thursday 7th December our Blackpool Driving School had 3 students go in for their test and all 3 passed FIRST TIME with very low minor faults! It was a great achievement for our driving school!

Our driving instructors have been teaching the new syllabus and the feedback received from the new style test was very positive. The new driving test is much different from the old one, the new additions are; Sat Nav driving, pulling over on the right, driving forward into a bay and reversing out. The new test will no longer have the turn in the road exercise and reverse around the corner. 

driving lessons blackpool and fylde coast

What our students think about training for the new test

Over the past few months we have been teaching the new style test to our learners and we asked them to give us some feedback on what they thought of the new style. We've had mostly positive comments, some have even said that its easier than the old test! We asked one of our learners, Alison Baker from Blackpool what she thought of the new test..

" I was a little worried at first when I heard about the new test but I feel that its much realistic than the old test. I'm glad I now have experience using a sat nav and pulling over on the right is easier than I anticipated. Last year I failed my driving test, after some training with Golden Mile Driving School I happily passed my driving test and found the new test a little easier" 

What our Driving Instructors think

There was initially mixed feelings from our driving instructors ( and many others in the UK) about the new test. Now that our driving instructors have all been trained on the new style they feel that its a step in the right direction. We have to move with the times and using a sat nav is something learner drivers should practice before they get handed a full licence. We are all enjoying teaching the new test and we are pleased that most of our students are enjoying it too.

Bring on more driving test passes! 

Looking for driving lessons in Blackpool

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Eco Safe Driving Tips - Save Money!

Eco Safe Driving Tips - Save Money! 

eco driving blackpool

Eco Driving Lesson

Fancy saving a few quid?

Eco driving could save you up to hundreds of pounds a year in fuel.

Eco driving is a way of driving that reduces fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and accident rates.

Eco driving is about driving in a style suited to modern technology; smart, smooth and safe driving techniques that lead to approx fuel savings of 5-10%.

When our driving instructors ask our pupils what they think Eco safe driving means, we often get a blank reaction, but once we explain the importance of the subject and the fact that it could save you money we find that the learner driver can easily relate to the subject. We all want to save money and do our bit for the environment! 

Our Blackpool Driving School promotes Eco safe driving and we have a whole driving lesson dedicated to the subject, its not important to help the enviroment but you could also get faults on your Practical Driving Test is you don't adhere to Eco- Safe driving. 

We have put together some handy tips to help you improve your Eco Driving...


Move off smoothly; avoid harsh use of the accelerator pedal.

Change gear as soon as possible; diesel cars change up when the engine is at 2,000 revs; petrol cars change up at 2,500. Miss gears out where appropriate, examples are 1st to 3rd 2nd to 4th, 3rd to 5th.

The engine will use up the most fuel when changing up through the gears to the required speed.

Plan your route to avoid know congestion points. Avoid using the car for short journeys; the engine will use more fuel when the engine is cold.

Drive at an appropriate speed to the road traffic and weather conditions. Driving too fast will affect fuel consumption.

Look to the limit point, as far as you can see and identify hazards early, this will allow adequate time to react. Use engine braking where possible by taking your foot off the accelerator. The engine will need little if any fuel.

When stuck in traffic, the engine is idling wasting fuel and adding to CO2 emissions. If it looks like that you are going to waiting for a while, more than 2 minutes; then turn the engine off.

Check tyre pressures often.  25% too low tyre pressure increases rolling resistance by 10% and your fuel consumption by 2%

Get rid of unnecessary weight, remove roof-rack and roof boxes when not needed to reduce air resistance.

Eco Driving Video 

Check out this video for some more great tips


What you need to know about pedestrian crossings

What you need to know about pedestrian crossings 

zebra crossing blackpool


When you first begin learning to drive  it can be very easy to become overwhelmed with all of the rules and guides that go driving a car. Many students often feel mastering the clutch, brake and steering a massive distraction on their  driving lessons but once you have the basic controls down to a T you can then start focusing more and hazards on the roads, including; the different pedestrian crossings that you will come across, your confidence will help you become a safe and driver.  Here's a few basic rules and advice on dealing with pedestrian crossing. We advise you take note as not educating yourself on this subject could land you in serious trouble or even worse cause a fatality

The Traffic Light Sequence

While learning to drive and once you have your licence, you will certainly come across many traffic lights. Knowing how they work can make you a safer and more efficient driver. Different lights mean different things, and while the concept is simple, here was have listed a breakdown of a traffic light sequence.

  • Red light: You must stop just behind the white stop line if the traffic light is red. Crossing over the line ever so slightly may result in failing your driving test or three penalty points and a fine.
  • Red and amber traffic lights: With this light combination, you must still stop but you should be prepared for the light to turn green. Keep in mind that you must not pass through the intersection until the green light has been illuminated.
  • Green traffic light: Green means go! Always look around before proceeding though the green light  to make sure that there are no pedestrians or other road users  in your way.
  • Amber traffic light: If the amber light is continuously illuminated (not flashing), be prepared to stop. Driving through an amber light is only acceptable if you have already crossed over the stop line as it changes or if stopping is dangerous . I.e. if there's bad weather or higher chance of an accident. This is why checking your centre mirror is very important when approaching traffic lights - Just imagine if someone was up real close behind and you were to slam your brakes on!  regular use of the centre mirror could prevent someone going into the back of you. If you see it early, slow down sooner to bide yourselves both some time to react.

Zebra Crossing

Probably the most easily identified pedestrian crossing  it can be easy to spot because of its black and white strips that form a path across a road. These crossings do not have traffic lights. They usually have two flashing amber beacons either side of the crossing.  Pedestrians crossing at a zebra crossing should give you plenty of time to see them as you must stop to let them cross. This is a very common road crossing that you will quickly become familiar with.

There are no traffic lights at a zebra crossing but they are easy to spot because of the black and white poles with flashing yellow lights on both sides of the marked crossing. This makes zebra crossings easy to see, even during inclement weather and at night.

Pelican Crossing

A pelican crossing is similar to the zebra except that pedestrians are signalled to cross by a signal or pelican crossing lights. They are found at intersections with traffic lights. These are more common in heavily populated areas.

When the button is pressed by a pedestrian at a pelican crossing, the traffic light will shortly change from green to amber and then to red.  This crossing has a flashing amber light - when the traffic light is flashing amber it signals that motorists are allowed to proceed as long as the crossing is clear. (the pedestrian will see a flashing green man, indicating to them that the lights for the motorists will soon turn to green)  The light will eventually turn back to green.

When approaching a pelican crossing, take care to observe your surroundings. For example, be prepared to slow down when approaching these crossings in case the light changes and pedestrians are signalled to cross. Keep in mind that when the amber light is flashing, you are required to give way. Pedestrians are less likely to check for oncoming traffic at a pelican crossing because of the signals.

Toucan Crossing

At a toucan crossing, both pedestrians and cyclists can safely cross. If you keep asking,. A very easy way to remember this crossing is to think TWO CAN CROSS (Toucan) You will normally come across this type of crossing near a park or cycle lanes. The amber flashing light feature is not used at a toucan crossing and traffic lights operate like normal.

Puffin Crossing

A puffin crossing is similar to a pelican crossing but a little more advanced thanks to sensors located on top of the traffic lights. These sensors can hold the red traffic light longer as needed if it senses that pedestrians are waiting or already crossing. The light sequence is  similar to a pelican crossing, puffin crossing lights do not utilize the flashing amber signal. They operate just like a normal traffic light. It’s possible that a pedestrian will cross at a strange angle and not trigger the sensor so always be on the lookout for pedestrians at a puffin crossing.

Equestrian Crossing

Equestrian crossings are also known as Pegasus crossings  operate similar to toucan crossings. They allow horse riders to cross safely. At a Pegasus crossing, there is no flashing amber light and the traffic lights will operate like normal.

Children Crossing Sign

This is a very important pedestrian sign to know. When approaching a children crossing sign, or school crossing, always stop when a school crossing patrol officer steps into the road. You might notice a flashing amber signal when approaching a school crossing. Always drive slowly until you have passed the crossing and use extreme caution as children can be unpredictable.

When it comes to learning all the different pedestrian crossings, just remember that these crossings are designed to be a safe place for pedestrians to cross. Always approach a pedestrian crossing sign with safety in mind. Never park on a crossing or stop on top of the lines. Also, avoid waving on a pedestrian as other drivers might not stop for them.

Level Crossings

Level crossing signs are typically found on the approach to a crossing to warn drivers of the hazard ahead. They are often then followed by further signs and depending on the type of crossing, possibly light signals that inform drivers when to stop.


Level crossing signs are used to warn motorists of a level crossing ahead. For the theory test, you will also be expected to know the various types of crossings and rules for levels crossings


These signs indicate a level crossing ahead that uses either automatic barriers or gates operated manually by railway staff.


Level crossing without a gate or barrier can be seen on quiet roads where motorists must give way to trains similar to a road junction.

Always look out for pedestrians that may try and cross near a level crossing.

Practicing pedestrian crossing on your driving lessons

We hope this basic guide to pedestrian crossing has helped educate you. Remember, you can ask your driving instructor for more information on your driving lessons.  Your driving lessons should be consisting of pedestrian crossings training.  

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