5 Tips To Keep You Safe When Driving Over Christmas

5 Tips To Keep You Safe When Driving Over Christmas

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'Tis the season to be jolly... The festive period for many usually means eating, drinking and being merry. If you're a driver then you will more than likely be travelling on our busy roads visiting friends and family which usually involves driving to and from different places.

This Christmas, we want you all to be safe on roads, not just in Blackpool but wherever you plan on driving to.

We've put together some advice for you consider before you get behind the wheel of your car.

1. Don't drink and drive

Remember even ONE alcoholic drink can impair your driving – don’t drink and drive. Make sure you have a designated driver with you or an alternative way of getting home, either by taxi or getting a lift from a friend.

2. Check the weather conditions before you travel

Snowy or icy conditions can make driving a challenge for motorists and could even lead to an accident or death. It's paramount to prepare yourself before embarking on a journey in the snow or ice. It's worth knowing how to prepare yourself and your car before you travel. Getting your car regularly serviced and using winter tyres is good practice for driving in the winter. Check your tyres. Make sure they’re inflated to the correct pressure, bearing in mind that you might be carrying more passengers than usual. Check bulbs, wipers and fluid levels, such as anti-freeze before you travel. In case of a breakdown it might be worth bringing a hot drink in a flask and a blanket to keep you warm.

3. Avoid distractions when driving

Christmas is a busy time of year for most of us, often our friends and family will be trying to call or text us during this period to make plans. If you're driving then its best you turn your phone off or put it on silent when driving. If you do need to make a call or text make sure you pull over in a safe place and turn your engine off before picking up your mobile phone.

4. Driving the next day after a Christmas party

Although we've covered drink driving above, I feel it's important to add this point to the list as its something that people easily tend to forget.
No doubt your work or friends will have arranged a party leading up to Christmas if your drinking alcohol and you plan on driving the next day make sure you don't drink too much. It's best you don't drive at all the next day, especially if you plan on getting absolutely tanked at your party. While far fewer people are taking the risk of drink driving at night, more people are getting into their cars in the morning. Many without realising they could still be over the legal limit to drive. If you're unsure if your safe to drive the next day then visit: DRINK AWARE who provide details on alcohol units and very useful information on drink driving.

5. Don't drive if you're tired

If you’ve got a busy social schedule over the Christmas season, the chances are Christmas will be a time of year filled with late nights and early mornings as you attempt to fit everything in. If you’ve got some long car journeys to do too, there’s a risk that you could find yourself driving while tired. Don't risk it! make sure your fully awake and alert before driving. If you do feel tired whilst driving then make you stop of at safe place and take a break from driving until you feel alert again.

We at Golden Mile Driving School wish you all the best for Christmas and New year, Stay safe and drive responsibly. Have patience on the roads over this busy period and look out for one another.

If you haven't yet passed your driving test and would like to take your driving lessons in Blackpool then visit our main website for all the latest offers and discounts.

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Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers Blackpool

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers Blackpool

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Dodgy Driving Habits Reported in Blackpool

Dodgy Driving Habits Reported in Blackpool

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This week Blackpool Gazette spoke to our Driving School owner Paul Hornby, who is also a driving instructor in Blackpool. The Gazette wanted to speak to Paul to discuss what he thought of the standards of drivers in Blackpool as there had been many compplaints from the general public about other road users attitudes and driving behaviours. Paul and his driving instructors have seen some terrible driving incidents from road users in Blackpool and below is the article: (Courtesty of Blackpool Gazette)


Blackpool Driving Instructor's View on Bad Driving on the Fylde Coast

Paul, 36, is the owner of Golden Mile Driving School, and has been an instructor for nearly 10 years.

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“There’s been a real increase in bad habits,” he said, “Particularly regarding the use of mobile phones. You see people distracted at traffic lights, and look over to see them scrolling through Facebook.

“There’s a definite trend between young people and going on their phones while driving, though that’s not to say that it is exclusively younger people either.

“People even use their phones going round roundabouts - the behaviour of some drivers is disgraceful.”

The behaviour noticed by Paul also extended to people’s tolerance of other drivers on the roads.

“I recently had a pupil who stalled in front of a taxi. Instead of waiting patiently, the taxi started beeping repeatedly, despite it being clear to see that the driver was a learner.

“Signalling is also an issue,” Paul added: “It’s very dangerous for all drivers, not just learners, when people don’t use their indicators at roundabouts.

“I’ve witnessed drivers not stopping at zebra crossings when pedestrians are crossing, learner drivers being harassed and tailgated by other drivers, as well as a lack of regard for the well-being and safety of cyclists, who often have to swerve when they are not given enough room when being overtaken.

“It’s as if people make their own rules up once they pass their tests.

“There are five of us who are part of the Driving School in Blackpool and we have all noticed a decline in safe driving. It’s mostly down to laziness and it’s just disappointing to see, really. I have to feel for the students who have to accommodate this type of behaviour on the roads. It’s hard to learn to drive in a safe environment in these conditions.”

What can be done to improve peoples driving

When asked what the government should do to raise the standard of driving around the country to prevent potential accidents from happening, Paul said: “I feel that it would benefit road users if it was mandatory for every driver to take a short driving ‘refresher’ course every 10 years. This may help drivers to be more aware of their potential bad habits and prevent their standards from slipping.

“I understand that people make mistakes. However, we do need to understand that one small mistake can so easily escalate into something much more serious. For the safety of ourselves and others, it’s important for us all to drive with due care and attention at all times.”

How to lower the costs of learning to drive in Blackpool

How to lower the costs of learning to drive in Blackpool

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So you've decide to learn to drive and take your driving lessons in Blackpool.

After you've chosen the right driving school in Blackpool for you it's time to consider the costs of learning.

Remember driving lessons are an investment in your future. Once you pass your driving test your licence can bring you many benefits so it's important to remember that.

The Driving Standards Agency say that it will take approximately 45 hours of practice and lessons in order to pass a driving test. In total, this roughly equates to just over £1K

Let's now take in account other expenses like study materials, books, apps, dvds, theroy test fee and practical driving test fee, your budget is now likely to increase.

Driving tuition doesn’t have to be expensive. Here's a few tips to help you save your money:


1.Take advantage of free learning materials

Even though it may be one of the lesser expensive parts of learning to drive, it’s just as important that you’re well prepared for the driving theory test. If you fail it then you'll have to book it again incurring more costs.


We will sign you up free of charge to our industry standard theory test pro software. Most of our students pass the theory test FIRST TIME when studying with our software!


2. Driving School Special Offers

Look for special offers and discounts. Some driving schools offer great introductory offers. Such as NHS discounts, student discounts, beginner starter packages. Some driving schools in Blackpool offer discount for bulk buying your driving lessons.



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3. Practice learning to drive with family or friends

If your family or friends are willing to take you out then practicing with them is a great way getting some free lessons.

It's important to remember that the person taking you out is:

  • qualified to drive the type of vehicle they are supervising in
  • over 21 years of age
  • Have held a full driving licence for three years or more
  • Have insurance or ensure the learner has the correct insurance in place
  • Display L - Plates and ensure the car is roadworthy
  • Be a responsible person

For learner driver insurance cover try Adrian Flux, they have some great deals on insurance for leaner drivers https://www.adrianflux.co.uk



4. Pass your driving test on the first attempt.

This sounds like a daft tip but making sure you pass your theory and practical tests the first time around is important if you’re trying to save as much money as you can. The best way to ensure this happens is to be fully prepared. Don't try and cut corners, put your all into your driving lessons, make sure effective learning is taking place during your driving lessons.



5. Listen to your driving instructors advice!

Your paying for profession instruction therefore it's important to listen to the advice of your driving instructor. Usually, your instructor will tell you when you're ready to take the driving test. If he/she feels that you're not ready then you're probably not ready If you can drive safely on various roads and conditions without any instruction/prompts or help from your driving instructor for at least 45 minutes then this is usually a good indication that you are ready for test.

Reputable Driving Schools in Blackpool Town

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Reputable Driving Schools in Blackpool Town

Are you in the midst of finding the right driving school for yourself? Having a difficult time to make the right decision? Don't worry. Learning to drive is all about safe driving and is much easier with the help of our Blackpool Driving School. Using people's friends or family to learn to drive does not have the proper training to help you avoid dangerous situations and you might not get taught all traffic rules. Learning from our driving school will help you learn not just how to drive but how to drive well and safely.

Our driving school in Blackpool has fully qualified driving instructors, we never use un- qualified driving instructors...EVER!

Can I pass my driving test fast in Blackpool?

If your committed then we dont see why not! Taking weekly driving lessons suits most people but others may prefer a crash course - which is much quicker. Everyone has the ability to drive, it's just that some of us might need more help than others. If you choose our driving school Blackpool, our professional driving instructors know how to teach in the way you need to learn best. The driving instructors will not only teach you to go and pass the driving test, but they will teach you safe driving for life.

Taking your driving lessons in Blackpool

It's a popular place for taking driving lessons, we have seen a huge increase in customers coming to Blackpool to take their driving test, particularly for an intensive course.

With the question of the effectiveness of going to driving schools, the professional details of the driving lessons Blackpool are a top matter to consider. Driving can be a risky matter, and it is just fitting for youngsters to be under the direct and close supervision of a professional driving trainer. The problem with the non-professional driving teachers or doing-it-yourself learning how to drive is the bad driving habits that are mostly passed to the newbie.

Defensive Driving is a prime matter to consider when being safe in the road - and that's one of the many goals of our instructors who offer driving lessons in Blackpool. With the aid of the professional instructor, you will be able to know the right ways on how to drive and arrive safely at your destination

Enrolling for driving lessons in Blackpool will help you know the basic safety measures of driving safely. These safety measures will help you to be a safer driver and avoid possible accidents.

v  Speed Accidents happen on the road because of over speeding - and most of these accidents are committed and initiated by drivers who don't have any professional training

v  The attitude Focus on the road. Yes, it is necessary for the drivers to have a positive attitude when driving. Driving with a bad attitude could result in road rage incidents, reckless driving. Driving whilst ignoring important road signs could lead to dangerous incidents putting yourself and other motorists in danger. If you are driving, keep your eyes on the road and do not be distracted by mobile phones or other technical devices because a life or lives are at stake.

v  Alertness If you are not in good mind-set due to stress and fatigue, do not drive. It would be better to stop in the nearest safe place to rest for a while or choose another day to drive.

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