Save over 25% on car insurance after recently passing your driving test

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driving lessons blackpool offers

How to save over 25% on car insurance after recently passing your driving test

driving lessons blackpool offers

You’ve done all the hard work, passed your car theory test, had your driving lessons and finally passed your practical driving test. It’s now time to buy a car and get yourself insured on it. We all know that car insurance for young drivers, and those who have recently passed their driving test, is well-known for being very expensive.

The reason behind expensive insurance for young or new drivers is that they are as a higher risk. As a new driver you do not have the experience behind you compared to someone who has been driving for many years, the insurance companies feel that you are more likely to be involved in an accident.

There are a few ways around high insurance premiums, We have created this article to try and help you save as much money as possible on your first insurance policy.

Get a black box fitted to your car

Black box car cover (AKA telematics insurance) involves having a special device fitted to your car – you will not be able to see the device as it usually hidden under the bonnet, the device will then monitor your driving style, and determines how much of a risk you are

It’s a popular choice for you younger drivers, you’ll often see huge discounts given if you choose to take the black box option.

Complete a Pass Plus course

Some insurance companies offer no discount to Pass Plus customers , however, there’s many that do! The insurance may be significantly reduced when combined with black box insurance. Some insurance companies offering over 25% discount.

The Pass Plus course is an additional driving course comprised of different modules, Some of the topics covered are:

All-weather driving

Driving out of town

Night driving

Driving on motorways

Before you take a Pass Plus course you could always check with your insurance company to see if they offer a discount. We feel that taking a Pass Plus Course will make you a much safer, confident driver. It’s definitely a great step towards improving your skills as a new driver.

You might also cut your premium by:

Other tips on saving money on your car insurance

You could choose to add a second responsible driver to the policy, such as a parent. If they have a good driving history behind them then this could help you save money.

Get multiple car insurance quotes

Don’t just take the first offer you receive. Shop around and see if other companies can beat your existing quote. Try a comparison website site like sometimes these comparison sites can be great for grabbing a bargain but it’s worth noting that not all insurance companies list their services on them. Sometimes it might be better phoning direct instead.

Avoid Modifications to your car

Many young drivers want their car to look cool, so tinting the windows, adding alloys and groovy air filters may sound like a good choice but it could seriously ramp up your insurance quote. Stick to being as basic as possible for your first policy. If you do decide to add additional features to your car make sure you tell your insurer.



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