Driving Instructor Blackpool.

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How to find a good Driving Instructor in Blackpool

It can be a challenge, especially with so many driving instructors and driving schools to choose from. Some offering really CHEAP driving lessons in Blackpool from as little as £8 an hour! – We advise you proceed with caution when buying “cheap driving lessons” as the quality of the driving lesson usually reflects the price.

If you was search your local ‘Yellow Pages’ or ‘Thomson Local’ or ‘Google’ and you will see hundreds of driving Instructors listed under Driving Schools or Driving Lessons.

Choosing the right one is the challenge and at the end of the day you want a driving school that is reputable and professional and have great reviews We hear plenty of stories from students who have been with a driving school and just drove around aimlessly with no real purpose to the driving lesson. This is not effective learning!

All of our instructors are trained to deliver driving lessons that have firm aims and objectives so that you lean much faster. 

Let’s look at the Theory test, most driving instructors (ADI’s) will be able to offer you combined and integrated tuition providing both theoretical and practical training.
It makes good sense to make use of a professional ADI because they are an acknowledged expert in driver education and will know better than anyone how to prepare you for the tests.

All of our Blackpool driving instructors are fully qualified and we also offer FREE Theory Training – No need to buy any books or DVD’s!

Code of Practice for Approved Driving Instructors

The DVSA has introduced a  Code of Practice for  Driving Instructors.

If you find a driving school that you like

Ask the following questions before you make booking;

  • How long have you been a driving instructor?
  • Do you have male or female driving instructors?
  • Are all your instructors fully qualified?
  • Can I have the same driving instructor for all my lessons?
  • What type of cars do you use?
  • Are the cars dual controlled?
  • Do I have the same car for every driving lesson?
  • Do you have a individual pick up service?
  • Do you work weekends?
  • Can you pick me up after school, work or college?
  • How much are your driving lessons? (the cheapest rarely means the best!!!!)
  • Do you have discounts for block bookings?
  • Which Driving Test Centre do you use?
  • What’s your driving instructor pass rate?
  • How long is each driving lesson?

If you know of a relative or friend who has had or is having driving lessons ask them about the Driving School they use.

  • Are they reliable?
  • Are they friendly and patient?
  • Does the instructor smoke?
  • Is the car clean?
  • Does the instructor do their shopping or visit the betting shop on your lessons?

Check out this video by the Driving Standards Agency about the Practical Driving test

To Book Driving Lessons in Blackpool contact us here

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