Applying Defensive Driving

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drive safe blackpool


drive safe blackpool

Many defensive driving techniques can be taught to you by your driving instructor without the need for a dedicated course. Much of what is usually learnt with experience. Learner drivers are technically better drivers than most drivers on the road right now simply because they are up to date on safe driving practices. Of course what a learner driver doesn’t have is amount of experience a full licence holder may have. It’s all to common when most of us pass the driving test, those safe driving  techniques  soon get forgotten. A mixture of safe driving practice and experience is something that we should all utilise as obligatory and not thought of as an option. Any improvement on a drivers ability is beneficial whether self-taught or by undertaking  professional driving lessons. 

Self improvement on your driving doesn’t mean you need to start driving like a learner again, just adopt the safe driving techniques that you were once taught whilst preparing to take the practical driving test.

7 tips to help you become a safer driver 


  1. Safety first.  Avoiding aggressive driving this will put you in a better position to deal with other people’s bad driving. Leave others plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front. Always lock your doors and wear your seat belt to protect you from being thrown from the car in the event of a crash.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings.  Check your mirrors frequently and scan conditions 20 to 30 seconds ahead of you. Keep your eyes moving. If a vehicle is showing signs of aggressive driving, slow down or pull over to avoid it. If the driver is driving so dangerously that you’re worried, try to get off the road safely by  taking the next exit if it’s safe to do so. Also, keep an eye on pedestrians, cyclists, and other hazards on the road.
  3. Do not rely on other road users. Be considerate of others but look out for yourself. Do not assume another driver is going to move out of the way or allow you to merge. Anticipate that drivers will run through red lights or stop signs and be prepared to react. Plan your movements anticipating the worst case scenarios.
  4.  Escape route. In all driving situations, the best way to avoid potential dangers is to position your vehicle where you have the best chance of seeing and also being seen by others. Take the position of other vehicles into consideration when determining an alternate path of travel. Always leave yourself an out — a place to move your vehicle if your immediate path of travel was suddenly blocked.
  5. Follow the 2- 3- to 4-second rule. Since the greatest chance of a collision is in front of you, using the second rule will help you establish and maintain a safe following distance and provide adequate time for you to brake to a stop if necessary. But this rule only works in normal traffic under good weather conditions. In bad weather, increase your following distance an additional second for each condition such as rain, fog, night driving, or following a large truck or motorcycle.
  6. Watch your speed.  Remember speed limit signs are NOT targets!  Speed limit signs apply to ideal conditions. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your speed matches conditions. In addition, higher speeds make controlling your vehicle that much more difficult if things go wrong. To maintain control of your vehicle, you must control your speed. You must drive to the conditions of the road.
  7. Cut out distractions. A distraction is any activity that diverts your attention from the task of driving. Driving deserves your full attention — so stay focused on the driving task. Having noisey childen in the car or your  car stereo blasting out music isn’t a good idea. 



A fully qualified driving instructor is able to provide you with techniques similar to those above that will help you become a safe and confident driver in no time. Our driving lessons which are  predominately based in Blackpool and Fylde area and cater for all types of driving including, Pass Plus, novice learner drivers, experienced drivers, nervous drivers who may need a refresher lesson to help build confidence on the road. Whatever your need is, it’s our aim is to ensure you feel confident when driving. We use the latest teaching  methods that actually get REAL results FAST. You can read our reviews to see what 100’s of satisfied customers have to say about or Blackpool Driving School.

driving lessons blackpool



More information for safe driving for life can be found here



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