Changing a Car Tyre

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Changing a Car Tyre

Here at Golden Mile Driving School we have always shown our learner how to change a tyre. You wouldnt believe the amount of people who pass their driving test and have no idea how to change a tyre. It’s important you can spot the signs that the tyre may be running flat and how to deal with a blow out when driving. 

Our driving instructors offer a complete step by step guide along with a handout on how to change a tyre and will often show you where to locate various parts to enable you to carryout the procedure effectvely. 

If you happen to be stuck at the roadside now then heres a quick guide for you follow: 

1) Find the spare tyre, jack and and iron. 

2) Make sure that the car is in gear (or in “park” if the car is an automatic) and the handbrake brake is set. The car should be parked on a flat pavement. 

3) Remove the flat tire: 
– use the tire iron (the L-shaped bar that fits over the wheel lugs) to loosen each wheel lug. Once you have accomplished this, move the jack underneath the car. 
– raise the car with the jack until the flat tyre is completely raised off the ground. Once this is done, remove the wheel lugs completely. 

4) Install the spare: 
– position the spare tire over the wheel studs. This is the most physically challenging part of the whole process. You’ll have to hold up the tire and try to line up the holes in the wheel with the protruding wheel studs located on the brake hub. 
– after you have the spare tire hanging on the wheel studs, screw each of the wheel lugs back on. 
– once the spare tire is on, carefully lower the jack. Pull the jack away from the vehicle. 
– the final step is to tighten down the lugs completely. 

5) Put the flat tyre in the space where the spare tire was and put the jack and tire iron back in the car. 


Run Flat Tyres 

runflat tire is a pneumatic vehicle tire that is designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured, and to enable the vehicle to continue to be driven at reduced speeds (under 55 mph, and for limited distances (up to 10 miles, depending on the type of tire)

Watch this video on how to change a tyre 



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