The New Speeding Fines 2017

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The New Speeding Fines 2017

From today, there will be a much harsher punishment if you get caught speeding. 

You could be fined 150% of your weekly earnings!

As from 24th April 2017 the new speeding laws will change giving drivers a more stern penalty.

As driving instructors we always teach our learner drivers the consequences of speeding and not only will a speeding fine burn a hole in your pocket but how speeding can injure or even kill. Also if on your practical driving test the driving examiner see’s you speeding the test will ultimately result in a fail and you’ll have to sit the driving test again!

We hope these new speeding penalties will help improve our roads, but if you do get caught speeding then here are the fines you could be faced with;

Speed Limit (mph)

Recorded speed (mph)


Band C

Band B

Band A


41 and above

31 – 41

21 – 30


51 and above

41 – 50

31 – 40


66 and above

56 – 65

41 – 55


76 and above

66 – 75

51 – 65


91 and above

81 – 90

61- 80


101 and above

91 – 100

71 – 90


Disqualify 7 to 56 days or 6 points

Disqualify 7 to 28 days or  4 to 6 points

3 points


How much money could a speeding ticket cost you?


Starting point


Fine Band A

50% of weekly income

25 – 75% of weekly income

Fine Band B

100% of weekly income

75 – 125% of weekly income

Fine Band C

150% of weekly income

125 – 175% of weekly income


Back In 2015, 166,695 people in England and Wales were sentenced for speeding with an approx  fine of £190.

The maximum fines will stay the same, but higher fines are likely to be applied more with the new guidelines.

Read more information here 



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