Tips for passing your driving test Blackpool

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emma pass zero

Top 10: Tips for passing your driving test in Blackpool

Golden Mile Driving School, a well renowned driving school in Blackpool & Fylde have gathered some top tips to help you calm your nerves, answer your questions and put you on the road to driving test success.

It can be one of the most scariest exams you’ll ever do. So it’s no wonder many worry so much about the driving test. All the time you have invested, pressure from friends – it all adds up and places a huge burden of expectation.

Passing your driving test tip 1: Stay calm

Having decided to take up driving lessons and get your driving licence you’ll be eager to get on the road as soon as possible. It’s important to note that patience is a virtue when it comes to learning to drive. Try not to set a time limit. You will hear many stories from you friends saying they did it in “X” amount of hours. It’s important to remember that everyone is different. You have a much better chance of passing first time round if you invest your time wisely with your driving lessons.

emma pass zero

“I recently Passed my test with 0 faults after having 10 hours with Andrea! I’d driven before but not had the best experience or gained great confidence! Andrea was so professional, and really knew the best ways of boosting my confidence! She gave me her full focus and knowledge each lesson and making sure that every lesson we progressed on to something new/different so that we weren’t just going over the same things (which I have found to be a nightmare with other driving schools in the past)! I cant thank her enough for helping me pass, I would highly recommend anyone to book lessons with Golden Mile/Andrea, thanks again” Emma, Blackpool

Passing your driving test tip 2: Understand the basics

Learning the controls of the car is one of the first things that your instructor will teach you, for some it can take a while to get to grips with, others take to it straight away. Before you take your driving test it is important that you feel confident with the basic controls of the car. If you’re just about managing to control the car on the road it may put pressure on you and you are going to feel nervous. Our instructors will teach you some great techniques on how to manage the controls of the car, we also suggest some private practice if you legally have access to another vehicle.

Passing your driving test tip 3: Know your stuff!

The Highway Code is something you should really swot yourself up on, not just to pass the theory test but so you know exactly what’s happening on the roads.  It is the essential reading for every road user. It applies to pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders as well as drivers. Many of the rules of the Code are legal requirements and you may be fined, given points on your licence or disqualified if you don’t obey them. In serious cases you could also be sent to prison. Having good knowledge of the highway code stands you in good stead for the driving test.

Passing your driving test tip 4: If in doubt, simply ask!

Driving is different for each individual, if you find you’re struggling with a certain topic (for example bay parking) then simply tell your instructor and they will adapt the lesson to help you understand. Our instructors have various tried and tested techniques to help you. It just might be a case of trying a different technique that works for you. If on your driving test and you are not sure what the examiner has asked you to do, then simply ask them to repeat the instruction.

Passing your driving test tip 5: Road experience

Driving experience on dual carriageways, fast roads, country roads and slow & tight roads are essential to becoming a confident driver. We try not to confine you to the area around Blackpool Driving Test Centre. We ensure you drive on different types of roads before taking your test so that when you pass your test you should feel confident to drive on all types of roads.


Golden Mile are the BEST driving school going! If you’re looking for lessons this is the place you want to be, very friendly and affordable – I passed first time with only 1 minor 🙂
Thanks Golden Mile! Natasha, Lytham St Annes

Passing your driving test tip 6: Ignore the rumours

Ignore all those ghastly stories you hear; ” The examiner failed me because I coughed,” ” The examiners are only allowed to pass a certain amount of people a day,” “Never take your test at the end of the day because they always fail you,” the list is endless and of course these statements are NOT TRUE. We know Blackpool test centre very well and we also know that all the examiners are friendly, polite and fair.  So try and ignore all the horror stories you hear. Our instructors will train you to the best of their ability so that you meet the required standards of the driving test.

Passing your driving test tip 7: Mock test

A mock test with your instructor is a great way to get a feel of what to expect on the driving test. Our instuctors have sat in on 100’s of driving tests in Blackpool and Preston and can play the role of an examiner very well. We will use the same form (DL25) that the examiner will use on your test. After the mock test your instuctor will discuss the areas of your driving that may need improving.

Passing your driving test tip 8: Private practice

Driving with parents or other suitably qualified people whenever possible is a great idea and we actively promote this. When having private practice it is vital that you are practicing the same advice, skills and routines that your driving instructor has taught you otherwise there is a danger you could pick up bad habbits.

Passing your driving test tip 9: Keep stum – Don’t tell facebook!

It’s a good idea not to tell everybody that you’re doing the test, you will be putting added pressure on yourself. You will be distracted about who you’re going to be telling if you fail that you won’t give yourself the chance to enjoy the learning process and actually concentrate on the test itself. Once you pass your test then you can tell the world!

Passing your driving test tip 10: Bispham Roundabout – Don’t worry about it.

One of the most frequent concerns we hear from students is “I’m dreading doing Bispham roundabout on the driving test!” Although Bispham roundabout does appear to have a bad reputation and can look very intimidating, we have some great ways to help get your head around it, and it’s really not difficult once we show you. We have produced some useful videos on this subject on our Driving Lessons Video Resource page

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