Pass Plus Driving Course Blackpool

pass plus course blackpool

What is Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours and is for drivers to improve their skills and drive more safely.

It can be taken at any time although it should be most useful to new drivers in the year after passing their test.

Booking Pass Plus Course in Blackpool

You’ll need a Pass Plus registered approved driving instructor (ADI) to teach you.

You need to book Pass Plus with an approved driving instructor (ADI) who is registered with Pass Plus.

You can contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to check if an instructor is registered with Pass Plus. You’ll need their name and ADI number.

DVSA Pass Plus team
Telephone: 0115 936 6504
Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm

How Pass Plus Training Works

Pass Plus training takes at least 6 hours. It has 6 modules, covering driving:

  • in town
  • in all weathers
  • on rural roads
  • at night
  • on dual carriageways
  • on motorway
  • All modules should be practical sessions, although local conditions may mean some are theory based. You’ll normally spend at least 6 hours driving.

You will not take a test but you’ll be assessed throughout the course. To pass you’ll have to reach the required standard in all modules.

How much does Pass Plus Course cost

The price for Pass Plus training varies, In the Blackpool area the average cost of the course is between £180 – £260.  This is for the full 6 hours of Pass Plus training and includes any additional training your may need. Most only need the 6 hours but you must be able to show good to excellent competency in the modules covered. You’ll get a training report form from your instructor when you’ve reached the required standard in all modules. You and your instructor must sign the form. Your driving instructor will then send the form off, and you should receive your Pass Plus Certificate within 4 weeks.

Can you save money on car insurance

Pass Plus courses are aimed at improving your driving skills and in some cases they may lower insurance premiums, The best thing to do is  get a quote for insurance with pass plus and then without and see if you will save any money. There are many insurance comparison  websites on the market such as Compare The Market & Money Supermarket. All you need to do is tell them a little about yourself, your driving history and the car you want to cover, and they will put together a list of quotes tailored to your requirements.

Can you take the Pass Plus Course in your car

This is something you will have to discuss with your driving instructor. Of course, you’ll have to be accompanied by one of our driving instructors.  Our Blackpool driving school prefers to use our own tuition vehicles, however if you wish to take the course in your own car then please get in touch with us and we can discuss this further.

Do you have to sit an exam after the course

No, there is no exam to sit. Your driving instructor will monitor your driving skills on all the modules, and  once you have successfully completed all modules your instructor will sign off all the paperwork and you’ll be sent a Pass Plus Certificate.