Assessment driving lessons in Blackpool

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blackpol driving schools

Assessment driving lessons in Blackpool


blackpol driving schools

Here at Golden Mile Driving School we don’t just teach students with no driving experience we also get many students asking us for a driving assessment lesson. There could be many reasons for this, such as the learner driver may be thinking of completing a driving crash course and would like to know which driving course would be best suited to them, or it could be a learner driver who is currently with another driving school and feels that they are not making progress and would like a second opinion. We’ve had many foreign students come to us who have driven in a different country before and feel a little out of practice on the UK roads so they come to us to assess their level of driving and we can offer help, advice and strategies to help brush up their current driving standard.

What will happen on my first driving lesson?

You will be carefully assigned your driving instructor by our office team. We will discuss your needs and carefully select an instructor that we feel is best suited to your current skills. Our driving lessons are designed to allow both you and your driving instructor to get to know one another, its vital that you feel comfortable with your instructor, but don’t worry, all of our instructors are really friendly and polite. When you first meet your driving instructor they will take some details from you regarding your past driving experience.

How will my driving be assessed?

After the instructor has taken all the relevant information from you regarding your previous experience, your instructor will personally tailor a lesson plan so that he or she can see how your driving skills are. We use many marking systems, fault analysis and coaching techniques all proven to help the learner progress. We won’t have you driving around aimlessly as that serves no purpose. A few examples of what your instructor w be looking at are:

Effective use of mirrors

Basic control of the car. gears, foot pedals, steering etc

Hazard awareness

Anticipation and planning

We all learn differently, not everyone is the same. We understand this and our instructors are highly trained to adapt their driving tuition skills to match your current driving level.

Before the assessment lesson begins, you may be asked some questions. These could include:

  • How many driving lessons have you had in total?

  • When was the last time you drove a car?

  • Can you drive any other vehicles, such as motorbike?

  • What manoeuvres/driving skills have you practised?

  • What areas of your driving do you feel least confident?

  • Have you started studying for your theory test?

The specific wording of the questions may change, but the general theme should be the same. Our aim as a driving school is teach you safe driving for life. Our instructors will want to know as much as possible about your driving history, this in turn will prevent wasted hours on topics that you may not need.

What things should I ask my driving instructor?

As we mentioned earlier, You need to make sure you’re comfortable with your driving instructor. Being able to understand their instructions and building a good rapport is important. You’re paying for the driving lessons, so please don’t be afraid to ask about your instructor’s ability to teach you.

Some basic questions you want to ask before you choose your driving instructor in Blackpool:

  • What is your pass rate?

  • What is your lesson plan for my driving lesson?

  • Are you a fully qualified driving instructor or a trainee?

  • How long have you been a driving instructor?

  • What GRADE driving instructor are you? (GRADE A is highest, Grade B is lowest)

Remember to ask these questions before you part with your money, if you don’t feel comfortable then it’s probably best that your find another driving school. A good driving instructor should always be honest, polite, calm and fully prepared for your lesson. They should be asking you lots of questions about driving and also be encouraging. We highly recommend you look for reviews and ratings to see what others have to say about the driving school.



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