Driving Lessons Blackpool – Getting Started

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Driving lessons Blackpool – Getting started

If you’re thinking of learning to drive in Blackpool the you must decide what learning route you wish to take. There is a few options to consider:

1. Taking weekly driving lessons with a driving instructor

2. Booking an intensive driving course

3. Learning with a family member/ or friend

4. Learning with a family member alongside professional instruction with an instructor



Apply for Provisional Licence

In oder to start your driving you will need a provisional licence. Your driving instructor will ask to see this before you do any driving – they will not be able to teach you if you have not got your provisional licence. You can apply for this licence up to three months before your 17th birthday, but be aware that it could take a while to arrive. We advise you waiting until your licence arrives before booking any driving lessons. Apply for provisional licence here 

Passing the Theory Test

Passing the theory test can be done before starting your driving lessons or whilst taking lessons. For an intensive course you must pass your theory test before you start one of our courses. It’s really important you spend time studying for the theory test. We recommend buying a copy of the Highway Code. However, The advantage of taking driving lessons with us is we will provide free unlimited access to Theory test Pro, this will save you money.

Choosing a Driving School in Blackpool

A Google search will reveal may driving schools in Blackpool, it can be quite overwhelming trying to choose. We advise you read the customer reviews, speak to your friends and see who they recommend. Remember the cheapest isn’t always the best option. The average rate for driving lessons in Blackpool is currently £26 per hour, if your offered lessons significantly cheaper than this then do your research on the driving school. Ask the driving school if you will be supplied with a fully qualified driving instructor and don’t be afraid to ask what grade the driving instructor is. (Grade A is the highest)

Grade A driving instructor blackpool


Golden Mile Driving School GRADE A Driving instructor

Your first Driving Lesson in Blackpool

The start of your driving test journey will feature a sight test, where you will need to correctly read a car’s registration plate from 20 metres away. If you need glasses to drive, make sure you take these with you in your lessons. If you fail the eyesight check then the instructor will refuse to let you drive.

We usually let most learners drive the car on their first driving lesson. Depending on your experience we will usually take you to a quiet area and show you the main controls of the car and how and why we use them. Once you have an understanding of the basic controls you will be shown how to move off and pull over safely. Once you are driving, you will be asked to perform the same turns and manoeuvres multiple times so your instructor can teach you the best way to drive and to handle the situations you may face.

A common question we get asked on the first lesson is “What if I crash the car?”

This is very unlikely, but we understand why you might have this concern as learning to drive can be very daunting for most people. Firstly, you’ll be sat in a dual controlled car – your instructor will have a brake pedal and a clutch pedal so in the unlikely event of a crash your instructor will definitely intervene and take control. Also, try and remember that your driving instructor teaching you is a professional driver and tutor with many years experience. You’re in the best possible hands!

Tips before your first driving lesson

Before your first lesson, it is recommended to familiarise yourself with a car’s basic controls. YouTube has many videos on basic controls of the car. Next time your friend or family member is driving ask them lots of questions about what they are doing. Try not to distract them though. Get enough rest the night before and try not to exert yourself just before your lesson. Try not to worry about the lesson, most learner say they love the first lesson.

This is an exciting time in your life as you’re about to embark on your journey on passing your driving test. We are confident you will love it!

Learning to drive takes lots of practice, so it is important you prepare yourself to be patient and feel bad about yourself if you find areas of learning to drive quite difficult. Your driving instructor will be your guide and help you as much as possible, they will make your lessons fun and informative using advanced teaching methods that will soon have you passing your driving test in Blackpool!

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