How many driving lessons will I need?

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Driving Lessons Blackpool

A common question we get asked is “How many driving lessons will I need?” and it’s always a difficult question to answer. According to the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency passing your driving test takes on average 45 hours. However, It does not matter what the average number of driving lessons is, because you are not an average person. You are unique with unique skills and unique needs. On average our driving school gets most people up to test standard within 35 hours but as mentioned everyone is different and just because your friend passed within 10 hours it doesn’t mean you will too. You might pick things up at a slightly different pace but the important thing is that you feel confident, capable and safe before taking your driving test.

Choose the right driving instructor

The first thing your probably going to think about is the price of driving lessons in the Blackpool area. There’s plenty of driving instructors in Blackpool offering “cheap driving lessons” the thing you have to ask yourself is why is that driving instructor or driving school offering driving lessons so cheap?  We advise you check that your driving instructor is fully qualified too, as some driving schools provide trainee instructors.

Fully Qualified Driving Instructors should have;

  • A green ADI badge on their windscreen
  • A green badge shows that the instructor is fully qualified and undergoes regular DVSA checks
  • A pink badge indicates a trainee who can teach for six months while getting teaching experience
  • The badges should carry the instructor’s photograph and an expiry date

Two Hour Driving Lessons

Having two hour driving lessons is highly recommended, For some people the initial thought of a two hour driving lesson sounds too long but most people usually say they learn so much more in a two hour lesson.

In a one hour driving lesson you may find that by the time you’ve gotten up to speed with it your lesson is almost finished.

You may find you get better value for money if you take your driving lessons in two hour sessions.

Driving School Reviews

Don’t rush into booking your driving lessons or choosing a driving school before you read the reviews. Perhaps ask a friend a family member who they learnt to drive with or do a Google search on your driving school to check they have good positive feedback. At the end of the day you don’t want to be paying your hard earned money to a driving instructor that isn’t very good!

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