Find a driving instructor near Blackpool

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Find a driving instructor near Blackpool

We’ve put together a quick guide that will show you how to:

  1. Find a driving instructor in Blackpool
  2. Pass your driving test in Blackpool
  3. Tips to save you money on your driving lessons Blackpool

How to find a Driving Instructor in Blackpool

There are many driving schools in Blackpool, You deserve a driving instructor who builds your confidence, never puts you down or shouts at you. Has the utmost respect for you and remains professional. 

Learning to drive can be stressful for some, so it’s important that your driving instructor is making your driving lessons enjoyable. Every lesson should have aims and objectives. There’s no point driving around aimlessly  and not working on your strengths and weaknesses. A good driving instructor will use a reflective log of your learning progress which in turn help you achieve your goals much faster.

Your driving instructor should have a GREEN badge displayed in his window. If a PINK badge is displayed then this means that the instructor isn’t yet fully qualified and is still training to be fully qualified. (although, they are still legal to teach you)

Pass Your Driving Test Blackpool

A common question we get asked is “How many lessons will I need to pass my test?” Well, the DVSA says the average learner takes 45 hours of lessons before passing the driving test. For the majority this estimate is a good guide, however, each person learns at a different pace. Some learners might only need around 20 hours. It all depends on the individual.

However, We can give you some guidance to help reduce the amount of hours:   

1. Choose a driving instructor in Blackpool with a good track record. Look at the website for customer reviews for a general idea. You are welcome to ask what Grade your instructor is and if they are fully qualified or a trainee.

2. Get your Theory Test passed as soon as possible.

3. Get some private practice in with friends or family, but remember to make sure you’re fully insured before doing so.

4. Fully commit to your lessons. Once you start your lessons try not to take long breaks between lessons. Have continuity with your lessons is paramount. Weekly 2 hour lessons are the most common. Booking your lessons in advance is advisable.

5. Pay for you driving lessons in blocks, rather than pay as you go. Block booking are usually cheaper. They often come in blocks of 10 hours. 


Choosing your Driving Test Centre

When you’ve completed the driving syllabus, your instructor will help you to choose a test centre and introduce you to the areas that could come up in your test. We mainly use Blackpool Driving Test Centre. If you live near Blackpool then we are likely to use Blackpool test centre. If this test centre has a high waiting time for tests then we may use Preston and Chorley test centres.

There are a few of driving test centres near Blackpool, but you’re best off choosing one close to your local area – you’re likely perform better on roads that you’re familiar with.

Booking Your Driving Test

You can book your driving test online, using your provisional licence details. Alternatively you can call the  DVSA on 0300 200 1122.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your test, you’ll just need to give three working days’ notice. That way, you can get a full refund or reschedule at no extra cost.

We advise you speak to your instructor before booking your test to ensure they are available on the day and that they are happy with the current standard of your driving.


Over 1000 Driving Test Passes!

Paul Hornby

Paul Hornby

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