How often should I take driving lessons

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How often should I take driving lessons

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Many other driving schools in Blackpool offer just 1 hour lessons. We have found that taking a 2-hour lesson every week proves to be the most successful strategy for most of our learner drivers. This would be much more beneficial to you as you will learn far more skills for your money and you get the whole process completed at a much faster pace. 


It’s common for students to think that they would be unable to concentrate for a period of two hours, and to be fair we understand this concern as two hours does seem a long time to be driving, but rest assured, we design your lessons in a way that breaks up the two hour lesson to cover several driving topics. We are confident that you will enjoy your lesson and you’ll retain so much more information that you would on just a one hour lesson.

Keep driving lessons regular

We advise that the learner’s take regular lessons each week, long gaps between lessons usually result in the learner falling behind with their learning and therefore may have to pay for more lessons to catch up.

Before you commit to starting your lessons we advise you don’t have any long holidays booked and you don’t have any major distractions which could affect your learning 

Your next driving lesson will always be offered to you at the end of each lesson, some learners prefer the same time and day each week. This is a great way of ensuring continuity with your driving lessons. 

Driving lessons on a budget

Driving lessons with an approved driving instructor are highly recommended.  Instructors are highly trained skilled professionals who are experts at teaching people to drive.  There is no minimum number of lessons required and everybody is different, however the DVSA  recommends around 44 hours of professional lessons before your test.

The cost of lessons can vary but on average is around £26.00 an hour. 

The best way to save money is to buy your lessons in bulk, often known as “Block Bookings”  Most driving schools and instructors will offer you a discount for buying lessons in bulk or give special introductory offers. This can save you money over the course of learning to drive.

 You will also need to think about the cost of your theory test exam which is currently £23.00 and also your Practical Driving Test Exam fee which is currently £62.00.

The total cost is approximately £1500.00,  You may get it all done for less than this but this is a ballpark figure.

Booking driving lessons Blackpool

Golden Mile Driving School has over 12 years of driving tuition industry experience and one of the highest pass rates in the Blackpool area. We offer driving lessons in manual and automatic tuition cars, with male and female driving instructors.

We aim to put the customer first by offering outstanding customer service, this can be reflected from the hundreds of customer REVIEWS. Our number one priority is to teach you safe driving for life, offer fun, friendly and interesting driving lessons with the aim of you passing your driving test first time.

 We offer a range of discounts and offers. Please visit our main website for more information 

Paul Hornby

Paul Hornby

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